Select Discography

2017   Olivier Alary "Fiction/Non-Fiction" (130701/Fat Cat)

2015   Andres Vial "conception/oblivion" (Independent)

2015   Gabriel Lambert "Les Ondes Célestes"  (RANT)

2015   Mira Choquette "Something Cool" (Independent)

2015   The Barr Brothers "Alta Falls" (Secret City)

2014   The Barr Brothers "Sleeping Operator" (Secret City)

2012  Cora Kim (Independent)

2011   Obsesion "Grandes Cortoletrajes" (Independent)

2011   The Barr Brothers (Secret City)

2010  The Katalyst 5 Project "Souliloquies" (Independent)

2008  Kalmunity Jazz Project "Planet Sessions" (Independent)

2007  Andres Vial Trio "The Sword That Cuts Into One"  (Independent)

2007  Jason Sharp and Mobius (Independent)

2005  The Squarewaves (Independent)