2016   Co-composed/performed song with Warren Spicer for Sébastien Rist and Aude Leroux-Lévesque's film Living With Giants (MC2 Media)

2016   Composed additional music/sound design for Marites Carino's film Crack The Cypher (Video Signatures)

2015   Composed/performed score for Nicolas Gulino's film Corner Chronicles (Toposcope Films)

2015   Co-composed/performed score with Tyler Fitzmaurice and Matthew Otto for Ryan McKenna's Le Coeur de Madame Sabali (Voyelles Films/K-Films)

2015   Composed/performed score for Nicolas Gulino and Abraham Lifshitz's film Wing (Toposcope Films) 

2014   Composed/performed score for Karine van Ameringen and Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier's film Les Indiens, l'aigle et le dindon (Wapikoni Mobile)

2014   Performed on Olivier Alary’s soundtrack for Mathieu Denis’ film Corbo (Max Films)

2014   Composed/performed score for Marites Carino’s film Vanishing Points (Video Signatures)

2014   Composed/performed score for Kaveh Nabatian’s film 100% T-Shirt (Intuitive Pictures/Canal-D/Canal+)                                        

2013   Performed on Kaveh Nabatian's soundtrack for his film Dive (Black Box Productions)

2010   Performed on Olivier Alary's soundtrack for Maxime Giroux’s film Jo Pour Jonathan (Metropole Films)