Gang Of Three, the new trio album of original material featuring Dezron Douglas and Eric McPherson, will be out October 4 on Chromatic Audio. Check this page again soon for more info!

Sphereology Volume One was released September 28, 2018 The first in a series of Thelonious Monk tribute albums on the Chromatic Audio label, it features Peter Bernstein, Dezron Douglas, Rodney Green, Martin Heslop and André White. Click here to buy the album.

“. . . a fine jazz pianist . . . the high musicianship and obvious affection for the songs make Sphereology Volume One a worthy effort.” - Scott Yanow, The New York City Jazz Record

“Vial, Bernstein and the rhythm sections make what they do sound so easy (almost effortless), that you can sometimes lose appreciation for how amazing it is—painting a portrait of one of the most monumental composers in jazz, in the colorful brushstrokes of their own ideas.” Chris M. Slawecki, All About Jazz

"Vial eschews the obvious to dig a little deeper, thus this project is, indeed, infinitely rewarding." - Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly

“ . . . beautifully-crafted arrangements of beguiling variety and sensuousness . . . Vial’s love [for Monk’s music] . . . shines brightly.” - Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama

“. . . one can hear their love and understanding of Monk . . . A highly recommended album with fantastic playing.” - Wulf Muller’s Music + Blog

“A crisp, inventive pianist.” - Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote

"Vial shows us what a brilliant Monk interpreter and pianist he is." - Tor Hammerø’s Blog

“An essential purchase for all jazz collections.” - Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist